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You are free to use these sounds in your music, videos, podcast, website, whatever. HOWEVER, when applicable, a link to this site to credit as is courtesy would be appreciated. "Want to see a website with (mostly) meticulously organized obsessive amount of phone recordings?" is a hard sell and the site could use any help it could get.


Submitting sounds is encouraged and always appreciated. This site would not be possible without the many people who have contributed directly or indirectly.

However long ago, I "audited" the site to separate the wheat from the chaff. As a result, not all the sounds were readded and similar sounds will not be added to This Is a Recording if submitted. Below are some guidelines for submitting sounds. You can submit any sound you like. However, if they do not follow the guidelines they may not be added to the site. If you are unsure whether or not a recording follows the guidelines, you can submit it and I will review it.

1. No rando linemen recordings. I know, these are cool because they are rare and unique. However, they just don't fit into the site.
2. No CLEC recordings. I can't archive everything. lol.
3. No recordings with no corresponding telephone number. I need the number to verify or rerecord, if necessary
4. Please check if the recording already exists and please do not submit duplicates

These are the exceptions to the rules above. These would be added to the site.
1. Recordings with a common voice (i.e. Pat Fleet, "Anna")
2. Branded recordings (i.e. Recordings that name the phone company. For example, if it is a rando lineman and during the recording he says Ameritech)
3. ANACs. There are a lot of ANACs on CLECs Many of them with that snotty, nasally voice. If you know what system that is, let me know.
4. Duplicates of poor quality recordings
5. Anything that's really interesting, funny, unique. If it's something special, please allow me to review it.
6. Switch verification recordings.

Please submit sounds here. Thank you in advance. I will add it as soon as I can. Your patience is appreciated as this can be a slow process.

Thank you again to those of you who already have because you helped to make this site possible.


If you see any errors, please Please PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment on that blog post (or email but I prefer the comment because it makes it a lot easier for me) so I can correct it. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Including reclassification of a sound, requesting a rerecording (which may or may not be possible), suggestions for groupings of sounds, whatever. If you have an idea on how to make this site better, please let me know

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